About Us

About DALCO Reporting, Inc.

After two decades, DALCO continues to take pride in its reputation among many distinguished law firms in the New York metropolitan and lower Hudson Valley area.

DALCO Reporting, Inc. founder and CEO, Debra A. Levinson, CSR, RMR, CRR, CRI, has been reporting for over 30 years. In that period she has risen from freelance reporter to accomplished business owner, instructor, and mentor.

In 1974, after graduating from the Adelphi Business School, Debra began her career as a hearing reporter for the New York State Department of Labor’s Unemployment Division. By 1976, Debra was residing in Queens, New York, with her family, covering deposition proceedings for various agencies throughout the five boroughs. After moving to Westchester County in 1984, Debra continued her freelance career for a number of years, gaining invaluable experience in the litigation support field. It was during those years, while progressively advancing her own expertise, that Debra’s personal commitment to her product was setting the framework for the reputation which her company prides itself on today.

In 1992, Debra organized her own court reporting agency. DALCO Reporting was to be an organization where exceedingly high product standards and professionalism would become synonymous with its name. Once described as “the fastest fingers east of the Mississippi,” Debra was eager to dispense her personal work ethic on a broader scale.

Debra received her certification as a reporting instructor from the National Court Reporters Association in 2002. After that, she formed DALTEK Institute, and began teaching realtime as well as other advanced computer-based skills to certified freelance reporters in the company’s graduate program. Today, her staff of reporters at DALCO enjoy the hands-on training she provides in an effort to maintain a continuing awareness of the industry’s technological advancements as well as professional development.

For two decades, DALCO has been partnering with the legal community and is a leader in court reporting, legal videography, and videoconferencing services. We combine boutique-like local, personalized service with global scope, proven litigation-support technology, and world-class infrastructure.

DALCO’s hallmark is building long-term client relationships through the timely delivery of highly accurate verbatim transcripts. Our goal is to delight clients by maintaining an unwavering commitment to quality, professionalism, responsiveness, and value.

We manage client needs in any state or nation through our own team members and complimentary deposition rooms in the Metropolitan New York area, our longstanding membership in the exclusive National Network of Reporting Companies (NNRC), or the use of videoconferencing.

Working With Us

Working with us is efficient and pleasant for client teams. We maintain 24/7contact with our clients and team members to facilitate logistics, schedule changes, and cancellations. We provide clients with secure online access to transcripts, case files, deposition scheduling, and billing information.

Our main office is conveniently located just two blocks from Metro- North’s White Plains station and features multiple conference rooms, videoconferencing facilities, light refreshments, and complimentary on-site client parking.

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