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DALCO distinguishes itself with a forward approach in its dynamic legal support environment. With over thirty cumulative years of reporting experience, we understand the importance of placing the right reporter in the right assignment.

Our staff reporters hold multiple state and national certifications ensuring a quality of court reporting second to none. Our reporters are also personally trained by our founder and CEO, Debra A. Levinson.


Why use Realtime?

  • mark up live text on your computer as it is spoken for quick referencing
  • search earlier testimony while questioning a witness
  • privately communicate with remote viewers through instant messaging
  • eliminate reporter read-back delays
  • receive an immediate rough draft ASCII from the reporter after the deposition

WHA/EU-S/RAOEL/TAOEUPH/STPH (What is realtime?)

Realtime is the immediate translation of spoken testimony directly to a personal computer. A reporter producing a realtime feed allows you, the participant, to view and mark up the testimony, thereby benefiting from the many features browser products such as LiveNote and Summation can offer. You will also eliminate delays during the deposition that are caused by a reporter searching their notes to read back specific testimony.

Realtime can be produced either directly at the deposition site or remotely through the Internet:

Basic, On-site Only (serial realtime):If the realtime text will only be received by people located in the deposition room, the court reporter will provide serial realtime feed. The court reporter will connect the on-site laptops to their system via a serial cable.

Off-site and/or On-site (Internet realtime): Off-site participants can receive realtime transcript text, or utilize an instant messaging feature, by using an Internet-based technology instead of serial realtime.

If you are new to these advancements in litigation support technology, or are just in need of a refresher course, a member of DALCO can provide you with professional in-house training at your convenience.

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