Legal Video

Videotaped Depositions: With technology continually advancing in the courtroom, the addition of videotaped depositions has proven to be an effective and sometimes crucial resource.

Our professionally produced video can add immeasurable impact when reviewing a witness’s testimony. Facial expressions, body language, and vocal inflections undetectable in the transcript text can be reexamined and analyzed when both are paired together.


Video-synchronized transcript testimony has become a highly effective tool for trial presentation. The video synch process enables invaluable search and preparation capabilities to further achieve a considerable edge in a case.

This additional capability smoothly integrates with a number of case management and trial software programs such as VideoNote, Sanction, TrialDirector and YesVideo.


Our new Video Streaming service is a high-quality Internet broadcast of live proceedings that observers can view live from the comfort of their computer. Optional features include streaming of realtime text and chat windows to communicate to participants.

Streaming Options

Choose one of our two platforms to view: (both include instant message capabilities)

  • LiveNote Stream: Audio/video stream works with LiveNote text stream.
  • Remote Counsel: If LiveNote software is unavailable, web-based realtime is available along with the audio/video stream. Evidence can also be streamed for trials.


  • Save time and avoid travel – Watch co-counsel or a colleague’s deposition from the convenience of your laptop.
  • Gain competitive advantage – Receive information in realtime. Participate in live events that would otherwise be missed due to scheduling conflicts or multiple same-day depositions. In addition, experience a deponent’s demeanor rather than relying only on transcript text.
  • Enhance team collaboration – Allow trial team members or secondary participants to follow depositions. Instant messaging is available for team members to easily share their thoughts and strategies.

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